Strategies for Gifted and Talented Students

This article addresses a number of issues facing teachers who are working in diverse classrooms. The idea of having to properly differentiate for Gifted students can be a daunting task for even the most talented of teachers, not to mention for new teachers. This article addresses the fears a common concerns that teacher express. The article provides ways to identify gifted students, by administering a diagnostic assessment to the entire class that is essentially the same as the summative assessment for the conclusion of the course. If students score anything above 85% then they would be identified as gifted in your content area. The 85% would normally indicate that a student is an above average students with a strong B grade. However this 85% represents students who already know 85% of the content without any instruction. These students should be grouped together and encouraged to work on more advanced levels of content knowledge. The article goes on to address the issue of not "punishing" students for being gifted by expecting them to always produce advanced work and adding additional work. Students will regress and begin to perform at a lower level if they feel punished for being gifted.